Mumukshu Shree Aradhana Didi Deliwala

Mumukshu Shree Aradhana Didi Deliwala

Age: 17 years | Qualification: S.Sc. (99.94%, State level Rank 6)

A brilliant student, a creative painter and a quick learner, Mumukshu Shree Aradhana Didi is truly an all-rounder.
When today's tech-savvy generation spends most of their time with mobiles, selfies and gadgets, Shree Aradhana Didi is an exceptional teenager who has never been fascinated by the materialism. On the contrary, she has an inclination towards gaining Aagam knowledge whenever she gets a chance.

In spite of achieving success with flying colors and excelling in every zone she stepped into, she chose to pursue the valorous path of Pravajya!

Aatma Yatra of Shree Aradhana Didi

Mumukshu Aradhana didi Deliwala, daughter of Shrimati Poonamben Manojbhai Deliwala, has taken the brave decision of adopting Jain Diksha at the young age of 17 years. Born and brought up in Rajkot, she has recently completed her S.S.C. (Class 10) examinations from the Gujarat state board with 99.94 percentile, securing the 6th position across the state from among 11 lakh students.

Like the great warrior Shivaji who would sleep only after his mother Jijabai sung to him patriotic songs filled with fervour and motivation, young Aradhana would fall asleep only after her parents would sing to her the ecstatic Saiyam eulogy ‘Sadhu Vandana’ and the soulful ‘Ratnakar Pachisi’. Today, at such a tender age, Aradhana didi has already learnt and mastered Samayik-Pratikraman-Shri Avashyak Sutra, Shri Puchhinsunam Sutra, several Gathas from Shri Dashvaikalik Sutra and 100+ Jain stavans and hymns. Like her mother, she has never tasted or consumed root vegetables in her life!

One might wonder what inspires her to accept the arduous path of Jain Diksha and drop a potential flourishing career and studies after excelling at academics. It is said that an individual who accepts the path of Saiyam in today’s day and age of the 5th era, is usually a sadhak who has been on the path of sadhana for several lifetimes, and this is just a re-continuation of that sadhana, not a new beginning. The same can be said about Aradhana didi. As a child, when she would be participating in cultural programs in school, she would often take up the role of a Jain Sadhviji, and her compelling performance would always award her the first position as if she was a natural at it. An avid artist, the minute she would lay her hands on pencil and paper, she would start sketching, and on taking a peak, one would see a beautiful drawing of hands holding the rajoharan and patras, the two upkarans of Jain monks. Since she was very young, she has spent almost every vacation in Pujya Gurudev’s bodh shibirs and harboured an ardent desire to advance on the path of Saiyam for the last two years. After the declaration of the board examination results, when an interviewer asked her what she planned to do next, she innocently said, “After achieving this sixth rank, I now want to become a protector of all the six forms of life (chha-kaay), I want to take Saiyam and lead a life where no living being is harmed or hurt with my actions and behaviour.”

Coming from a family that is rooted with Jainist values and has produced gems in Jin Shasan, Aradhana didi is the niece of Rashtrasant Pujya Gurudev Shree Namramuni Maharaj Saheb (his sansari sister Poonamben’s daughter), maternal grand-daughter of Pujya Prabodhikabai Mahasatiji, cousin sister of Navdikshit Pujya Param Vibhutiji Mahasatji and niece of Limbdi-Gopal Sampraday’s Pujya Nehalibai Mahasatiji. An exemplary student of Look N Learn Jain Gyan Dham, she now aims to fly high with excellence in Prabhu Mahavir’s Jin Shasan and eagerly awaits to adopt Shree Bhagwati Jain Diksha!

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